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Our SEO and Internet Marketing Company

Confused by digital marketing strategy options? Our SEO and internet marketing company works with you to achieve your goals and improve upon what you are already doing to promote your business.

We are business people first, having been small business owners and worldwide corporate team managers ourselves. We help you turn your business knowledge into a map for identifying what marketing tactics will work best and which fit your budget.

Whether you need a boost in local map search results or need worldwide ranking improvements, we can help. But we are not only about SEO.  We bring real-world business experience to you to help you identify your target market and figure out how to reach them effectively. It is not about ranking, but rather about increasing your profitability.

As business owners ourselves, we know how to build a complete internet marketing plan, select the right strategies for your budget that achieves your goals. Explore our website to learn more about our SEO and internet marketing services. Request a SEO report and website review to take the first step in attracting and capturing more paying customers or contact us directly with any questions! We look forward to hearing from you!

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Trust Audit – Your Business’ Online Reputation

How Is Your Business Perceived Online…and Offline? The online reputation audit checklist below can also be used to evaluate the perception your prospects and customers have of your offline reputation. While the quote at the right makes a good point, your business reputation is serious business. Many business owners and managers overlook some easy ways…

Video Customer Testimonials for Small Business

Video Testimonials Are Good for Business Do you believe that video testimonials can increase trust in your brand? Boost sales? Increase your website’s ability to rank?  Yes, they can! According to McKinsey Quarterly, 20-50% of purchasing decisions are made primarily based on word of mouth. And that is exactly what customer testimonials are! But they…

Video Marketing is the New Content Marketing

Video marketing takes content marketing to a whole new level. Over the past few years, most businesses using online marketing have been using content marketing to promote their brands and services. We’ve noticed how millions of content marketing posts are being published by our competitors every day. We found ourselves hiring freelance writers to create…