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SEO and Internet Marketing Payments

Image representing payments for SEO and internet marketing servicesThank you for using our SEO and internet marketing services! If you received an invoice from us, please see your payment options below.

Payment Options

We accept business and personal checks. Please see our website footer for our mailing address.

We also accept the following online payment options. After clicking the desired payment button below, you will be able to enter your payment amount. Please let us know if you encounter problems with these payment methods.

Quickbooks Payments

We accept bank transfers with the Quickbooks Payments. If you previously had an IPN account, note that service is no longer available, but your login to Quickbooks Payments is the same account credentials. This payment option is free to you. To pay via Quickbooks Payments, you must receive an invoice from us and use the View & Pay button at the bottom of the email. Lost your invoice? Call, text, or email us to let us know you need a copy of an invoice sent to you. If using a credit card, please use the PayPal option.


We accept PayPal account transfers, bank transfers, and credit card payments. Click the button below to go to our payments page where you may enter the amount you wish to pay and login to PayPal. Please note that charges will show up as our parent company name, Double U Ventures.

If you encounter problems with any of our payment options, please let us know. We appreciate your business!

Services Review Options

If you would like to review our services, we are very happy to provide the following options:

Thanks for your support!

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