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Digital Marketing Strategy & AdWords PPC Client Testimonial

Maureen Guzman, Owner of Katy Home Organizer

This budding business contacted SEO Buzz to improve local map results and organic rankings as well as to learn more about how to stretch their marketing dollar. We improved use of the small budget they had for AdWords and guided decisions about offline marketing as well based on the overall strategy we developed to increase their number of home and garage organization customers.

See what Maureen had to say about our services in the video at left.

National SEO, Link Disavowal, Rebrand & Website Design Testimonial

Pete Lojac, Owner of Cleanroom Connection

This online business had previously used SEO professionals. But, as with many businesses, old SEO practices no longer worked and the website had been penalized. After completing a link audit and disavowal as well as onpage and offpage improvements, rankings increased. We helped the business rebrand eliminating some doorway websites (extra websites for the same business). With some of the profits from improved business, the client commissioned a new website.

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Local SEO Client Testimonial

Chris Aguda, Owner of Bed Bug Laundry NYC

This local business wanted to grow exponentially with the goal of creating a business to replace the owner’s paycheck to go into full time self-employment. In a very competitive industry and utilizing less-than-ideal website technology given the limited budget, Bed Bug Laundry NYC grew its online business so rapidly and significantly that the owner opened a second location in another major city and was able to leave his day job.

See what Chris had to say about our services in the video at left.

Local SEO & Website Design Client Testimonial

Amanda Donis, Owner of Donis Therapeutic Massage

This local business wanted to increase her list of clients in Manhattan. We replaced her outdated Joomla website with a fresh WordPress website that was completely search engine optimized. We executed a locally-focused offpage SEO strategy and had her ranking in a moderately competitive online industry within 3 months generating the new clients she sought.

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Local SEO Client Testimonial

Lou Rosenfeld, Practice Manager of Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld, Tubal Reversal Surgeon

This local business faced a manual Google penalty after years of ranking with ease. Frustrated, they had worked with several SEO experts with no results. We audited the backlinks, completed a disavowal, and set a off-page SEO strategy. Results took a few months longer than normal because there were more problems than just the penalty, but within 6 months, the tubal reversal practice was back on top and later was able to cease AdWords because of local organic ranking success and implementation of a social media strategy that resulted in Dr. Rosenfeld’s patients being his biggest marketing team.

See what Lou had to say about our services in the video at left.

Worldwide Marketing Consulting, AdWords, SEO, Content Marketing Client Testimonial

Estelle Cockroft, Co-Owner of Catamaran Guru

Having fairly recently launched a Joomla website on her own, Estelle contacted us for some AdWords help. We cautioned her that it was probably not the best channel and by the time, it proved correct, we had her trust and were able to begin working on SEO and content marketing for this worldwide business. We helped them capitalize on their best assets, their personalities, charm, and amazing stories of sailing all over the world which made it relatively easy to place content in industry magazines and websites online. Over the years, we have embarked on many projects together and the catamaran brokerage business has thrived.

See what Estelle had to say about our services in the video at right. 

Local SEO, Website Design, & Marketing Consultant Client Testimonial

Dario Impini, Owner of INFINI Boudoir Seattle

This local business moved from the Midwest to Seattle. We assisted Dario with everything from picking a new business name and website domain to overcoming the challenges of marketing in a city he knew nothing about. It took lots of creativity and on-the-ground networking for our client, but his business is known 2 years later as the #1 boudoir photographer in Seattle.

See what Dario had to say about our services in the video at left.

Acknowledgements: Videos are compliments of Network in Action 5-star reviews.