Best SEO Tips for Growing Businesses

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Best SEO Tips for Growing Businesses

SEO tips and techniques don’t seem to be getting any easier to understand. Even veteran small businesses are still learning. The rules and best practices for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) change frequently, and it is important to businesses, large and small,  to keep up with those changes. Fortunately, SEO is not some magical and mystical enigma. You can figure out how to utilize properly with your WordPress themes, Joomla, Magento, or any other platform.


Engaging the Reader is the Most Important SEO Tip

The longer a visitor stays on your website, the greater the chance you have of converting them. To “convert” a reader means to make him or her take action. This could be to sign up for a newsletter, to buy a product, download an e-book, or write to your company for more information.


Write quality content and use creative images and illustrations. Use formatting like headers and bullets to guide the reader through the topic. Write what your target audience is talking about…”listening” to social media is a great way to know what to write about. But the key to conversion is to have a prominent call to action. Read more about how to create your call to action.



Quality Matters

Engaging the readers is going to be much easier when you have actual quality posts on your site. They do not have to be world-changing posts that illuminate the human condition, but you do want to have a certain level of consistent quality to them!  Use keywords, but do not overuse them. Keep the keyword density to a readable level, and make sure that you focus on informing the reader rather than hitting him or her over the head with keywords designed to attract search engines. Those types of tactics and techniques no longer work. The SEO that you utilize on your site is what will help the reader to find it in the first place. You do need to have onsite SEO, but that is no longer enough to get attention for your company. You have to be able to incorporate that SEO into engaging content that is actually providing some type of benefit to the reader. This benefit could be something as simple as amusement, or it could be imparting knowledge. Only you know your audience.


Make sure that you are working with a high quality site. Using WordPress themes is a great choice, as most of them are SEO-ready and have great code that’s ready for indexing in the search engines.


Use Offsite SEO for More Readers

Have you taken advantage of offsite SEO options? While your onsite SEO is important, you need to do more. You have to look at other places on the web where you will be able to share content and then direct people back to your site. You will find a number of different ways to do that. Consider posting articles about your subject or products on other sites, such as article sites, guest blogging, and mentioning your posts on your social networks.


Outsource Some SEO Responsibility

If dealing with SEO is too consuming or too difficult for you, it is always possible to outsource some or all of the work. Experts will be able to help improve the SEO onsite and offsite and help you rise in the page rankings while paying attention to the new rules that Google and other search engines put into place.


What are your best SEO tips? What do you do differently now from a year ago? Comment below!


About author: Olga Ionel is a creative writer at She is passionate about WordPress, SEO, and Blogging. Don’t forget to check out the stunning Premium WordPress Themes at ThemeFuse.



By Wanda Anglin

Wanda Anglin has a passion to help businesses and non-profits reach their goals by attracting more of the right website visitors. Her empathy and understanding for small business challenges comes from a background in project management, sales support, accounting, and business ownership. When not helping clients, Wanda is traveling, fixing her home, or tending to her 900 trees (really).

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