Best Way to Backup Computer – Windows or Mac

Absolute Best Way to Backup Computers

backblaze cloud solution is best way to backup computerWhile SEO Buzz’s main focus is digital marketing strategy, we sometimes extend our scope to make our clients’ lives easier. After using Backblaze to backup and restore data on our computers for years, it occurred to us to share this easy-to-use, no-thought-required backup application with you. With this computer backup solution, it is easy to sign up, easy to restore one or all files, and even find a lost computer. Your data is encrypted and secure in biometrically secure data centers. With unlimited data backed up, the low cost will surprise you.

Try Backblaze Automated Backups for Free

Download Backblaze to try for free for 15 days…backup your PC or Mac, explore how Backblaze works, then decide! No risk or obligation!

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Restore your Computer Files

Whether you lose your hard drive entirely or just overwrite one file that you want to get back, Backblaze lets you log in to your account and restore any or all of your files from a set of historical backups. No technical knowledge required!

Windows and Mac users alike can utilize this revolutionary cloud backup system to avoid time-consuming data loss. And Backblaze can even give you clues to find your computer if it is lost or stolen. Backblaze is the best way to backup computers.

Reliable Hard Drive Backups for Your Data

  • No more remembering to backup to an external hard drive (that can get stolen right along with your computer!).
  • Automatic, silent backups no matter where your computer is connected to the internet: office, home, hotel room…anywhere!
  • No more picking and choosing files or folders. Backblaze even backs up your external hard drives you have plugged in at backup time…don’t lose those photos and videos!
  • No more limits! Unlimited data, unlimited file size, and unlimited bandwidth.
  • No more technical mumbo-jumbo about how to restore files to a new hard drive or new computer.
  • Just easy clicking to install and to restore. Backups happen automatically without slowing your computer’s performance.
  • Restore from anywhere at any time. Access files from your iPhone or Android. You can even have Backblaze Fedex thumb drive or external drive to you for an extra fee.

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Give Backblaze Computer Backup Solutions as a Gift

give backblaze computer backup service as a giftDo you have clients, friends, or relatives who could benefit from Backblaze’s simple computer backup solution?

This very affordable and easy-to-use service makes is the best way to backup computer files and is also a great gift for almost anyone! Have a client or family friend with a graduating child? Give a memorable and useful gift of peace of mind for graduation or any occasion.