Guest Posting

Guest Posting Guidelines

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are no longer accepting guest posts. The blog is no longer maintained as we prepare to close our business. Thanks for your interest.

  • Image representing welcome guest posting submittersRegretfully, we cannot accept guests posts that link to non-North American companies’ websites or resources that are clearly not based in the U.S. or Canada. Doing so has proven to be a deterrent to attracting the  clients we desire to work with.
  • Article length – 600 – 1,800  words (longer articles should be highly actionable and instructional)
  • Target audience – small-to-medium size businesses (SMBs), start-ups, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs
  • Target topics – internet marketing, digital strategies, website design, branding, marketing planning, online presence, website design, branding, social media marketing, graphic design, mobile apps
  • Feature Image – provide an interesting, relevant image with photo credit information (if applicable) that has been compressed for website display and sized to dimension of 695 x 463 pixels. Note photo credits will be nofollow links. SEO Buzz reserves the right to change the image.
  • Images – You must own the rights to use the images or, preferably, use original images. Provide at least 2 or more images to accompany your content to add interest and enhance meaning. Provide any photo credit information (will be nofollow links) and compress for website display and size to dimensions between max of 695 x 240 pixels and minimum of 300 x 200 pixels.
  • Style and clarity –
    • Article must be original, subject to Copyscape review.
    • Provide actionable steps that the reader can take to implement to improve their business or online presence.
    • Submit high quality work with a unique message. Use your own personal “voice” to appeal to the reader.
    • Use headers and bullets to make the post easier to read. (For SEO purposes, use both header1 and header2 with the focus keyword or synonym in both).
    • Use semantically related keywords throughout the article (SEO) to ensure it receives the traffic it deserves.
    • Proofread preferably using grammar and spell-checker tools, errors may result in rejection of the article.
  • Format – please send the post in HTML format within a Word or .txt document. Provide notations where images should be inserted, example: [image: content-image-1]. Attach feature images and content images to the email along with the Word or .txt document containing the HTML code.
  • SEO Buzz requests that the article submitter share the post with social media communities and, in some cases, may request a link from a blog or article directory to the post.
  • Author’s Bio: Include an author bio of 2-3 sentences informing people about your business or self. One dofollow link permitted within bio. Ensure the anchor text is related to article.
  • Backlinks: Any number of relevant nofollow links are permitted. Only one dofollow link permitted in author bio.
  • Guest posting process:
    • Step 1: Use our contact form; select “guest posting” in the “I’m contacting you about” field. Please suggest 3 topic ideas and indicate the domain the dofollow link will be directed toward.
    • Step 2: We will reply to you with our choice for an article.
    • Step 3: Write the post using the guidelines above.
    • Step 4: Send the post’s HTML code in a Word or .txt document attaching the optimized image files to the email address you received during step 2.
    • Step 5: We will post the article and notify you when it is posted.
    • Step 6: Share with your social media followers and we will do the same.
    • Step 7: Please let us know if you recognize ways to help us improve our guest posting process.