Press Release Templates – 7 Tips for Creating a Successful Media Campaign

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Whether you’re creating a news release template for your general mailing list or devising a media release template for your latest marketing campaign, you want people to read what you’re sending! If no one makes it past your opening line, they will never learn how great your offer is or how your dynamic service can help them.

Press Release Templates – 7 Tips for Creating a Successful Media Campaign

  1. Catch Attention – Create an enticing title to draw in readers. Remember to apply SEO to your online press releases including your target keywords in the title!
  2. Keep it Simple – When writing a press release keep your thoughts organized and your content to the point. Key information should be easy to access, so place them prominently in the first paragraph and provide details later.
  3. Include an Image – The latest trend in marketing is all things visual, think Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Infographics, etc. Adding an image will draw interest, but be sure to use one that’s professional and subject appropriate.
  4. Add a Quote – Include an industry expert’s philosophy or a client’s testimonial about your company. It lends credibility to your press release and future clients value the good reviews given by others.
  5. Use Problem-Solving Semantics – Using a standard question-and-answer technique is a highly successful way of writing a press release because it creates interaction between the reader and you. This is particularly useful for the title and first paragraph. Example:  “Do you need help creating the perfect press release template? SEO Buzz IM has the answers in this article “Press Release Templates – 7 Tips for Creating a Successful Media Campaign”!”
  6. Getting to know you – Including a brief personal bio about yourself or your company to provide insight into your company that may not be included in the press release. This also means you can utilize the body of writing purely for whatever message you’d like to get across without having you use precious word count space on introductions. Frequently this is outside of the press release itself and placed at the end in a bio section.
  7. Keep in Touch – You want to build a relationship so be sure to always include your contact information as well as your social media details if it’s an online press release template. Take notes on format preferences for future press releases with each publisher.

While your press release template is an important aspect of your marketing campaign, it’s not the only area that you should consider. Learn more about Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Or Contact us to get your questions answered directly!


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