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Making the Most of SEM Services

Search Engine Marketing services, or SEM services, is also known as Pay-Per-Click or PPC because the ads appear in search results and the advertiser (you!) pays only when the ad is clicked on, bringing the internet user to your website. While it might seem more advantageous than Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that takes longer to work and a higher upfront investment, actually the 2 strategies of SEM and SEO work together.

SEO Buzz can help you define the best strategy to use SEM services (advertisements) to help SEO (use of keyword-rich content, backlinks, site structures, etc.). SEM benefits your business quickly because you can place ads for keywords the users are searching for, thus increasing the chances of having your website visited. Ads can be placed very quickly, while the SEO strategy takes longer but is more permanent and provides returns in the long run. Research shows that when a link appears high in the search engine rankings…appearing on the first page of search results…it is clicked 3 times more often when there is also an accompanying ad. So SEM can get your SEO going fasters, get more customers buying while waiting for SEO to work, and help to continue to boost rankings and visits to your website even after SEO is working for you.


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SEO Buzz will help you integrate SEM Services offered by leading companies into your internet marketing strategy:

  • Google Adwords –  offers local, national, and international distribution. Ads are short, consisting of one 25-character headline and two additional text lines of 35 characters each. Image ads follow Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standard sizes.
  • Facebook Ads – helps you to leverage your efforts in building a Facebook community. Your ad shows to your community that already is interested in your product or service. Your marketing efforts to define and attract the appropriate demographic can be directly leveraged.
  • Linkedin DirectAds – great pay-per-click option for B2B (business-to-business). Leverages your efforts to connect with other business and related professionals.
  • YouTube Ads – offers In-Video or Display advertising

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