Small Business SEO Ranking Factors

Small Business SEO Ranking Factors

The process of creating all the small business SEO ranking factors needed to succeed in online marketing is complex. But it is a process based on science. It may seem like voodoo or wizardry. Your eyes may glaze over when an SEO expert is trying to explain it to you. But SEO is hard because it is complex, not because it is a mystery.

All search engines use a variety of factors to decide what content has authority and value. The content or webpage with the highest value is placed at the top of the search engine results (SERPs) for internet users. This is how all search engines work. Google uses over 200 ranking factors. And they change all the time, not drastically (usually), just a tweak here and there to make one factor more or less important. Sometimes new SEO ranking factors are added. In recent years, search engines added the factor of social signals (how your business is shared and mentioned in social media). So, while it is a science, it is one that changes and requires full focus on staying up-to-date. The ranking factors that are required for you to succeed with your online presence are presented (with permission from Search Engine Land) in the Periodic Table for SEO Ranking Factors below. Contact our SEO Buzz team for more information about how your bottom line can benefit from search engine optimization.

Image Representing The Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors for Small Business

Periodic Table Small Business SEO Ranking Factors

Did you enjoy the periodic table of small business SEO ranking factors? Do you feel ready to go create your own SEO plan? Or did it totally confound you?  Believe it or not, our SEO experts actually enjoy creating  an online presence that meets all these factors. Our team makes the search engines happy and fully engages your website visitors. SEO Buzz can work with you to create a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes SEO strategy. Why bother with all the details? Let SEO experts help. Give us a call!