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As if the internet wasn’t an already confusing enough place, turns out there are different versions with numbers and decimal points. Web 2.0 is really an “old” concept now, but I find that many small business owners don’t clearly understand the difference between Web 1.0 and 2.0. And most importantly, they don’t understand why it makes a difference to your business? Here at SEO Buzz, we believe that understanding the systems you work with makes for a better final product empowers business owners to make better decisions. So, read on for an explanation of what is web 2.0 and what it means to small business.


Web 2.0 Definition Put in Simple Terms

Trying to figure out what is Web 2.0 and other technie terms, often send business owners running in the opposite direction. That is, the direction that is opposite of where they should be taking their business marketing plans. I frequently hear, “I don’t want to know all the technical details just tell me in plain English!” I agree it should be easier and this hopefully will provide a better understanding of  what is Web 2.0 design. Then, you can evaluate your marketing plan. So, what is Web 2.0 and what does it mean to your business?


The basic, simplest answer to the question “What is Web 2.0” is that it is a socially interactive Web.


Image Defining What Is Web 2.0“Web 2.0” was so dubbed in 2004. Many types of applications make up Web 2.0 technology such as wikis, blogs, internet apps, crowd sourcing, video sharing, podcasts, and social media networks. Web 2.0 is the social Web because this new generation of Web enables users to create content on the Web in the public domain in a collaborative way. Before Web 2.0, the network served up information created by formal means of publishing websites. Ever noticed how much time you actually spend online? Checking emails, updating your social media profiles and pages, commenting on YouTube videos…the list goes on, and that’s just for business! Well that is you using Web 2.0 technology to participate in a socially interactive Web, creating content many times a day. Users creating content, influencing search results, and affecting which sites are considered authorities…that’s Web 2.0!


The way we do business changes everyday thanks to Web 2.0. We spend more time online, we are constantly connected through phones, tablets, and laptops. Interaction with potential customers has taken on a whole new style…there are fewer in-person handshakes and lunches and a lot more tweeting, posting, and following. While it seems that the time demands of Web 2.0 technology is a drain on resources, you actually re-allocating resources from more time-consuming and expensive marketing activities to less-expensive online activities that dollar-for-dollar (including your time spent) reach way more potential customers. Benefits for small business using Web 2.0 design include:

  • Reduced marketing costs.
  • Customers and non-buying evangelists market for you through social networking.
  • Customer involvement with product launch.
  • Improvements in supply chain.
  • Rapid process improvements from employees and customers.


So What Is Web 2.0 Impact

Web 2.0 is all about nurturing personal interaction and attracting customers with content they deem valuable. So frequently evaluate and re-evaluate your marketing plan by asking these questions:

  • Which social media communities am I engaging with? Are they the right ones?
  • How useful is my online content to my target customers? How do my customers and online followers perceive it? Are they engaging by commenting, retweeting, sharing, etc.?
  • How frequently am I engaging with my social media communities? Am I listening? Am I posting at optimal times?
  • What has changed about my social media communities that I need to incorporate into my business? New profile format? New demographics? New community?
  • Am I enabling how my communities interact with me and my brand?

The last question raises a related point: What is web 2.0 design? This is interactive web design at its best. It is design that promotes easy access, collaborative creation of content, and rapid understanding and sharing of information. One of the greatest examples of this is the rise in popularity of blogs. You share valuable insights, tips, and how-tos with your customers and following and they comment sharing their views, experiences, and additional tips. Then, of course, you follow up with a thank you for commenting and acknowledge their useful contribution. Blogs, social media networks, wikis, and many other Web 2.0 tools have shifted the way we approach website design and our entire marketing plans. What are you doing about it?

What is Web 2.0? It’s you! And it’s me. And it’s people everywhere connecting, creating, and sharing on the internet. So, go ahead! Participate in Web 2.0 right now by commenting with your thoughts and experience!


Think your website isn’t quite working for the new Web 2.0 generation? Perhaps it is not fully connected with Web 2.0 technology? Then it is missing out on a huge marketing opportunity. Let us do a free report on your website! Stay tuned to Social Media Marketing, an important aspect of Web 2.0.


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By Wanda Anglin

Wanda Anglin has a passion to help businesses and non-profits reach their goals by attracting more of the right website visitors. Her empathy and understanding for small business challenges comes from a background in project management, sales support, accounting, and business ownership. When not helping clients, Wanda is traveling, fixing her home, or tending to her 900 trees (really).

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