Free Website Malware Scanner

Use The Free Website Scanner

Looking for a free website malware scanner to see how to fix your hacked website?  Click the button below!

After scanning your site, call (713 909 0362) to sign up directly with us to receive our special offer:  at no additional cost to the Sucuri subscription, we will set up malware monitoring on your website and  will work with their professional malware removal specialists on your behalf, if your website is hacked. The best news is that malware removal, if needed, does not cost you a penny more than your annual subscription to this fast, effective service. And we make it easier by doing it for you at no additional cost!

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Malware Monitoring

Using the website and hosting account access you provide, we set up your website to be monitored 24/7/365. In addition to lightning fast notification of malware, DDOS attacks, and other cyber breaches, the step-by-step process hardens your website to prevent hacking. The service even provides informational vulnerability bulletins to let you know when a potential backdoor has been identified on your website so you can fix it before you get hacked.

Malware Removal

Teams and individuals around the world spend countless hours every day just trying to hack servers and websites. It is only a matter of time that your website will be the next victim. Get peace of mind, not only from the malware monitoring service that helps you avoid attacks, but from knowing that a professional team of malware specialists who do nothing all day except restore websites within a few hours are at your disposal. And the best part? Using this crackerjack team of website virus killers does not cost you a cent more than your annual subscription to the monitoring service.