Yacht Charter Business Marketing

We Are Experienced in Your Industry

While you are serving your charter guests in waters unlikely to have the best internet connections, we are busy keeping your website looking great and your brand fresh. We create, execute, and continually optimize campaigns that are relevant and effective.

Wanda Anglin, founder of SEO Buzz, is its chief marketing strategist. She founded the company to take a holistic approach to small business marketing with a true business focus. So many website developers and SEO experts have a very narrow scope and deliver, well deliverables. Wanda’ background is business. She holds a CPA license, and MBA degree, worked at corporate jobs at global companies, and has owned multiple businesses. She knows what it takes to launch, recover, or grab momentum of a business. All branding and strategy setting is completed by her personally.

When you work with us, we are a team with you to diagnose the weaknesses and prescribe exactly what is needed, nothing more. You won’t find package deals on our website because in all our years of working with business owners, we have never found two businesses that needed the same marketing plan.

SEO Buzz is a team of creative problem solvers and opportunity seizers focused on taking action to drive by our clients’ success. We have helped other yacht charter business, yacht brokers, and other marine-related businesses. Let us be your concierge to all things marketing…we’ll help you chart your course in the dizzying world of online marketing.

Yacht Charter Marketing

As owner or skipper of a luxury charter yacht, you go above and beyond to impress your charter guests with comfortable, well-appointed cabins, sumptuous food, innovative and refreshing beverages, and activities that capture their idea of a great vacation.

What will these vacation seekers find online about your yacht charter? Will they see all that you have to offer? Will they feel your vibe? Will they get excited about chartering with you?

Make sure that your yacht charter’s image online matches what you offer in person.

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It all starts with branding. That’s a somewhat overused word that encapsulates the process of helping business owners or management discover the purpose, voice, and ideal customer and then to bring the uncovered revelations to life. If your yacht charter is all about gourmet food, exotic locales, and a sophisticated crew who love discussing wine, that is what you want people to discover online. A thrill-seeker might not be as happy with your upscale foodie cruise as a connoisseur of the good things in life.

That is what we help you do…to define your ideal customer and then attract that customer. Try to be a yacht charter for everyone and no one will take a second look. Niche is where it is at and branding is how you communicate what you are about online.

We take you through our proven process to create a bespoke marketing plan to position your brand to help you attract charterers who will most enjoy your vacation services.

With your brand established, we can assist you with setting a marketing plan that may include the basics like business cards and brochures or even offline marketing tactics like direct mail. But, we excel at building a cohesive online marketing plan for your brand.

Here are some marketing tools we might use to bring YOUR brand to life online.

Website Design

katlo-charters website home page developed by seo buzzOnline, your website is how your prospective charterers meet you. Your website is your 24/7 salesperson. Let’s make sure that first impression is full of your crew’s and boat’s personality, philosophies, and interests.

Ensure this valuable online asset speaks for you and is not just another generic “free” template. So many new businesses try to reduce costs by building their website themselves on a low-cost platform. But, really, how much time for boat maintenance did they lose while building that website and how much revenue did they lose out on because the website does not embody what their yacht charter is about?

Let us help you build a website that is designed to capture and engage, then convert visitors into charterers. Whether you are a startup or looking to re-invigorate a successful yacht charter business, you’ve come to the right place. We focus on all the technical aspects that make a good website like ensure it is mobile device-responsive website, buying your domain, setting up domain-based email, and hosting your website so you can focus on working with us to effectively communicate your brand. Less stress…more fun.

Website Makeovers

We also offer services that help you assess the strength of your website and overcome challenges. Here are the most-often needed website makeover services:

  • Website audit – assess what is needed to improve conversion, performance, SEO, etc.
  • Conversion optimization – Getting more visitors to become buyers (charterers).
  • Content improvement – Enrich and supplement content to improve its ability to communicate your brand  (you will be surprised how quickly we can write as if it is coming directly from your pen…or keyboard LOL).
  • On-page SEO – Address the content-based SEO is one part of overcoming the struggle to rise to the top of Google and other search engine rankings.
  • Content migration – Do you have a large website of great content that just needs a fresh look or a mobile device-friendly website structure? We can save what you have as we build a new website for you.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) has the reputation for being a bit mysterious and shysters throughout the years have assured that when people hear “SEO expert”, they think snake oil salesman. It is important to ensure your SEO expert has references you trust. Ask and we will arrange for you to speak with clients in the industry who have worked with us.

We take care of all the technical and creative aspects of SEO. We use analytics to evaluate how the strategies are working on mobile desktop searches for your website. The ever-evolving rules of ranking make it nearly impossible for a part-time amateur SEO enthusiast to success in a competitive landscape such as yacht charters.

The other thing to keep in mind when selecting and SEO specialist is that SEO is one tool that cannot be successful if applied in a vacuum. Our focus is to define which tools you need to achieve your goals. Want more bookings? Ranking alone won’t get you there…we will help you define the strategy within your budget to achieve your business goals…not to achieve a specific trophy ranking. By focusing on the big picture (what marketing folks call the “conversion funnel”), you get marketing services that result in more bookings, a bigger social media following, or whatever your business goal is.

Learn more about SEO.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

pay-per-click ads get yacht charterersPay-per-click with Google, Bing, or even social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, should always be considered to be a part of an overall marketing plan. Here’s a few reasons why:

While high rankings are great, SEO takes time and investment, pay-per-click ads like Google AdWords instantaneously attract customers.

Have a special you want to advertise for a limited time? SEO is just far too slow to get the traction you want in that short duration. Ads are immediate.

Remarketing helps keep your brand front and center with your target market even when they are not looking for you. You’ve experienced it…ever looked to buy a set of sheets or a toast online and then every time you open Facebook or a webpage, a little ad about sheets or toasters pops up? That’s remarketing…constantly working to remind people that they really need a vacation.

While SEO and other tactics can help you rank not only your website but also other assets like videos, PPC ads offer a great deal of variety that most companies do not use so you stand out from your competition.

Social Media

yacht charter business social mediaMany business owners try to avoid social media, but to run a successful business online (and even offline) you must address social media. Social media is more than posting what is going on or what you want to sell. It is about setting the voice of your brand and ensuring plenty reviews of your yacht charters on Facebook, Google, Yelp, etc. You don’t need to do all social media platforms, but as a part of defining your brand, you will discover what influences your buyers and where they hang out online…most often, a social media channel fits into that scenario.

We help you curate and create interesting graphics, posts, and website articles that showcase your brand. We can fully support your social media management needs including with social media advertising or we can supplement your postings (which we love because your pictures of sunsets, fabulous cocktails, water fun, and adventures will always resonate with your target market).

That’s a lot of information! Please call us as we can simplify it all.