What Every CEO Should Know about Internet Marketing

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Today’s post is from a contributor at The CEO Magazine.

The effect of computers on business cannot be overstated, and the internet’s effect may be even more profound. For CEOs, these technological changes must be fully understood. However, one aspect of this new technology, internet marketing, is sometimes overlooked by CEOs. Here are some of the reasons why all businesses need to take advantage of the power of internet marketing.

What Every CEO Should Know about Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has been shown to be effective again and again. One only has to look at the growth of Google to see how much money Internet marketing brings in, and there are countless case studies showing how effective Internet marketing can be for individual companies. Despite the competitive nature of online marketing, it still tends to be more effective than television, radio and newspaper advertising. All CEOs should ensure that their companies explore various routes of marketing their products and services online.


Some CEOs still think of Internet marketing as banner ads; in reality, internet marketing is a diverse, dynamic field. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a long-term marketing strategy that involves improving a website’s rank in the search engines. Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC, allows advertisers to only pay when a viewer clicks on an ad. Each advertising technique requires expertise, and businesses will want to explore a wide range of options to find which work best for them.

Low Cost

One of the main advantages of online marketing is that it can be done on any budget. With PPC marketing, businesses can spend only a few dollars per day and still run profitable campaigns. This low cost allows businesses to explore various options and scale up the ones that are most effective. As a result, many businesses are using the low initial cost of online marketing is a means of avoiding the high costs and unpredictability associated with television and radio advertisements.


One of the biggest mistakes made by businesses is to fail to appropriately track ads. By tracking ads, businesses can learn how to most effectively spend their online advertising budgets, and there are number of tools available to help business professionals determine the best course of action in terms of tracking success. Tracking sometimes leads to unexpected results; for example, businesses may find that certain ads attract many clicks but few sales. Fine-tuned tracking is essential for fully exploiting the power of Internet marketing.

Online marketing is becoming a cornerstone of outreach for many businesses, and the popularity of the Internet is increasing over the years. With the introduction of smartphones and social media, people are spending more time online than ever before, and businesses that fail to take advantage of the booming nature of the Internet risk falling behind their competitors.


This has been a guest post from Philippe at The CEO Magazine, Australia’s magazine of choice for the forward-thinking businessperson.

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