The Secret of How to Do Social Media for Business in Less Than 2 Hours a Week

Image representing how to do simple social media schedule for business
How to do simple social media schedule for business

Don’t know how to do social media the way your business deserves with the limited time you have? You researched what social communities are right for your business and defined your target audience, now what?! Check out my guest post on TealOrbit to see how to build your own social media planning template and how to best use it to save time. And remember that the real secret of social media is to make it social! Click the title below to start creating your own template:

Simple Social Media Schedule for Business

By Wanda Anglin

Wanda Anglin has a passion to help businesses and non-profits reach their goals by attracting more of the right website visitors. Her empathy and understanding for small business challenges comes from a background in project management, sales support, accounting, and business ownership. When not helping clients, Wanda is traveling, fixing her home, or tending to her 900 trees (really).

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