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How to Promote a Website: Popular SEO Tools

Wondering how to promote a website and don’t have a cheerleader handy? Whether you are just starting out with a website or it already exists, you will want to promote it no matter what. This can be easy if you know what you are doing. There are some free ways to promote your site as well as paid ways. Although free is always good, sometimes the best search engine optimization (SEO) tools are ones you will have to pay for. However, you can also use free social media to promote your website. Here are the most effective and popular SEO tools.

Today’s post is by guest blogger, Alice McLean.

Free Ways to Promote a Website

There are free ways to promote your website if you are just starting out and need something to get you started. These are simple things you can easily do yourself without having to pay for anything or anyone to do this for you.

Work on SEO

One free and good way to bring the traffic to your website is to work on your SEO. All you are doing is either writing your website content with SEO practices in mind or hiring a professional writer to do it for you. If you are just starting out and want to do this yourself before hiring someone, you need to make sure your website content has your keywords in it. Remember not to keyword stuff but to also ensure there are enough keywords or keyword phrases in your website content to bring the traffic to your website. If you try it yourself and it doesn’t work the way you need it to, hiring a writer with SEO experience might be a good investment.

Back linking and Social Media

A couple of other free things you can do is back linking and social media work. Back linking is simply writing articles on other websites and leaving a link back to your website. Using social media is simply posting a short blurb with a link back to your website on popular social media sites. These are both good and free ways to promote a website.

Paid Ways to Promote a Website

The most powerful SEO tools will cost you some money. However, they will be a good investment and will be worth it. Here are some SEO tools that you can use to promote your website that you will have to pay for.

LinkResearch Tools

LinkResearch Tools is pretty expensive. However, it is said to be worth every cent. Basically, it is a tool that is loaded with a suite of tools. Here are some of the SEO tools available within LinkResearch Tools.

Backlink Profiler

Backlink Profiler is an SEO tool that will dig very deep into a website and will bring up results for SEO. These results will include anchor text and anchor density as well as links from Google Author ID. It will also provide PageRank information, Domain Authority, AC Rank (Majestic’s version of PageRank), and much more. It can help you see how to promote a website by looking at others’ backlinks.

Juice Tool (Bulk URL Analyzer)

Juice Tool will analyze 2,000 URLs at once. You can’t get any better than being able to analyze this many URLs at the same time. This tool will show the trends and averages of the websites you analyze.

Link Detox

What is so good about Link Detox is that it will show a list of suspicious and bad URLs. This is a great tool to use when you want to back link with another website but want to make sure that it is a good website first.

These are just a few of the SEO tools that are within the LinkResearch Tools suite. There are so many of them, it would take a whole day to write about all of them.

What are your favorite methods for how to promote a website? What popular SEO tools do you prefer? Comment below!

Author’s bio: Alice McLean is a writer at with a background in history, sociology, and internet marketing. Now she is writing her first book on internet marketing.

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  1. Great advice. You work hard to attract visitors to your site, but the reality is that most of the people who visit your website don’t become customers. They probably need more time and information before they make a decision. If you can get their email address, you have another opportunity to convert them into a customer by engaging them with additional information. That’s why point 4 above is so important.

  2. This is a mix of some good and bad tips in my opinion for SEO. The free ones are good but I feel that the link research tool while it has a few good features doesnt compare to Ravel Tools – More info here –

    This just has a dashboard full of options and has been worked on for many years to gain perfection.

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